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Teacher Only Day 2024 - Panmure Bridge School

 Digital Technologies Empower Creativity

Friday May 31st 9am - 2:30pm

Keynote: Dr Craig Hansen 

28 Digital Create Workshops to choose from!

2024 Manaiakalani Cluster Staff Meeting: Digital Technologies Empower Creativity

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Dr Craig Hansen 


Ai in Education

Dr Craig Hansen's work as a Ministry of Education accredited facilitator for Massey University, Cognition and Learning Architects has seen him train educators across the motu in the application of Ai for teaching, learning and assessment in Ko Taku reo, alternative education, primary, secondary schools and Te Pukenga. With a PhD from the University of Auckland in education & the creative industries, Craig has created a unique process that connects industry, research and education to produce world-class graduates who succeed in the creative industries sector. Those who attend Craig’s sessions both broaden their understanding of Ai & digital technology, while also returning back to their schools with practical steps & tools to become more efficient and effective in their day to day roles.

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