Purpose of Blogging 

Blogging has become an important way in which our young people share their learning with the world. Blogging empowers our learners to establish an authentic audience for their learning outcomes and personifies our cluster goals and  learn, create, share pedagogy

Over successive years an impressive portfolio of learning develops. 

Blogging is also a key component of our Cybersmart learning.

Cybersmart Blogging - A helpful overview of blogging with recommended activities for learners new to Chromebooks, new to edublogs and learners with 1+ Years of Blogging

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu empowers our young people to learn to be Cybersmart through leaving quality blog comments and engaging in online behaviour and thinking that elevates positive actions. Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu is also key component of the in-class facilitation. 

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The Summer Learning Journey programme is open to all learners in the Manaiakalani Network. Participants will have engaged with Cybersmart learning throughout the year, as a result of deliberate acts of teaching. Cybersmart learning is also evident in learners’ blog posts and blog comments. Teachers are welcome to use and repurpose content from past years. All activities can be accessed from the SLJ blog.