Mālama Honua

This page celebrates the landing of Hokule'a & Hikianalia at Pt England Beach on March 25, 2015.

Whether we are Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Niuean, Fijian, Pakeha or even African, we are all descended from ancestors who were extraordinary navigators. People who made epic journeys so that we here, can enjoy the lives we now have. This event was held to remember the amazing skills of these people, their courage, their determination and the way they provided for their families and their future. We came together to honour them for the gift they have given us and to remind ourselves that as their children, we can accomplish great things too. We honour Maui tiki-tiki-a-tāranga. An extraordinary innovator who combined ancient wisdom with excellent technology to make landfall in the Islands of Aotearoa and provide a new home for his people. Today in front of us we see the amazing technology he used. Today, in a wonderful way, in the tradition of the Navigators, Manaiakalani the star-line has brought Mālama Honua to us, "Manaiakalani the People" using the same technologies Maui used all those centuries ago.

Our Children's Voices

The most important recounts of this significant event are those recorded by the young people of Manaiakalani themselves.

As you hover your mouse over this photo below, every tiny square of the image represents a link to one of HUNDREDS of blog posts recording the impact of the event through the eyes of our children.  We invite you to click on some and enjoy what they have to share.....

Jerry Norman says, “It was a Māori man who brought that name here and used it for our cluster of 12 schools. 2500 children are here today.”

Shawn Kana'iaupuni says, “The mana and the spirit I've seen here in these kids from young and old, sense of community, you know, Malama Honua, we're caring for our Earth together, and that's a beautiful thing to share.”

Kathryn Matayoshi says, “I am in awe of the students and the teachers, that they should bring together all of these beautiful children for this voyage and what they have learned already it's just wonderful.”